Regis Machinery are specialist providers of equipment and spare parts for the plastics extrusion, compounding and polymerization industries.

Regis Machinery have, for over 45 years, provided equipment and spare parts for the compounding, masterbatch and polymerization industries.


Regis Machinery offer some of the most innovative plastics recycling solutions in the world, designed and built by a leading global supplier, Starlinger Recycling Technology. A series of custom engineered, plastic extrusion lines for recycling a wide range of plastics such as PE and PP, PET, PA, PS, PLA, PMMA, and many more. Waste products including films, fibres, sheets, injection moulding scrap and post- consumer bottles. Recent projects include one of the largest plastics bottle recycling lines in the UK.

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Regis Machinery supply a comprehensive range of ancillary extrusion machinery that is typically installed either upstream or downstream of a plastics extruder.

Our range includes screen changers, gear pumps, pelletizers, sheet extrusion dies, mixers and infrared drying systems all selected from established machinery manufacturers throughout the world.


Starlinger - Nordson - Mixaco - Kreyenborg - Witte - STEER