Backflush technology – Flight Plastics, Winchester, United Kingdom recently expanded their sheet extrusion capacity by investing in a twin screw sheet extrusion line. The company, for years a leading producer of PET Sheet reel stock, uses this new line to produce top quality sheet from post consumer PET bottle flake. Video

To help accomplish this, Flight Plastics has equipped the extruder with a KREYENBORG four channel backflush screen changer for improved results during the melt filtration process. This innovative screen changer is based on the piston-type melt filter design, well known in the industry, but with the added feature of automated backflushing capabilities. The screen changer is completely automated – as contamination builds up on the screen pack, the melt pressure increases; when a pre-defined, adjustable, process pressure is reached, the filter elements are cleaned automatically by the backflush function.

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