United Kingdom based specialist compounder, AURORA Manufacturing, have installed a new Compounding line including completely automated backflush KREYENBORG screen changer, BKG Pelletizing system and BSG ONE extrusion line control. The Leigh, Lancashire based compounder and recycler is using the backflush screen changer to ensure that high quality PP Compounds are produced efficiently with no need for the operator  to make frequent screen exchange. AURORA feed the line with PP Flake from a variety of post industrial production scrap, the feed material can at times contain the metal threaded bushes from injection moulded parts.

Previously with a  conventional lantern ‘slide plate’ type screen changer these metal parts can lead to an extremely short screen life, with the operator having to frequently exchange screens. The new Kreyenborg screen changer is completely automated and reacts to varying levels of contamination. The differential pressure is monitored, and once the pressure reaches a pre-defined level, the system initiates the automatic backflush process – without the need for an operator to attend to the line. The backflush process automatically cleans the screen packs and ejects the dirt particles out of the screen changer housing.

As part of the new compounding line project for AURORA REGIS MACHINERY also supplied a complete BSG ONE extrusion line control system (www.bsgcontrols.com) that takes care of every aspect of the 90mm twin screw compounding line control. From the control of the screw speed and heating zones, to the automatic start-up process of the complete line (Including the Kreyenborg screen changer and BKG hydraulically adjusted underwater Pelletizer)

For further details please contact KREYENBORG UK Agents Regis Machinery (Sales) Ltd: www.regismachinery.co.uk

Aurora Website :- www.auroramanufacturing.co.uk