High quality packaging film is now manufactured from recycled PET on a new line at Sharp Interpack’s Bridgwater, Somerset site. The new line allows up to 100% recycled PET sheet to be produced direct from hot caustic wash plants.

The operation is now further enhanced with a Power Back-Flush (V-type) screen changer from Kreyenborg GmbH- Germany that gives highly efficient cleaning of the screen packs without additional pressure from the extruder.

The system is particularly effective when processing especially high portions of recycled material with a high pollution degree such as PET bottle flakes.  The new line at Sharp Interpack has a capacity of 1.500 kg/h, using 100% recycled PET.
The feedstock, originating from consumer waste is pre-cleaned in a washing line and then directly extruded removing harmful substances from the plastic. The process is covered by robust PIRA certification and meets all EU requirements. A key line component for the processing of the recycled polymer is the melt filter. In this extrusion line  – a Kryenborg Power Back – Flush (V-type) screen changer that automatically flushes filter screens independently of the extruder for interruption-free, constant pressure extrusion.
With each back-flush a constant quantity of material is discharged, so that in comparison to other systems, the material losses are very low and the screen life long.
The growing use of recycled polymers are required to meet strict EU regulations on plastics destined for direct food contact so now, more than ever, there is a need to screen out contaminants.
In the field of plastics extrusion any kind of contamination in the melting process is unacceptable not only affecting the quality of the product but also impeding the operating process. Sharpak lead the way in the use of recycled materials and was the first manufacturer to introduce recycled PET from post consumer waste into its soft fruit punnets and is now well ahead in its development of 100% r-PET.
KREYENBORG Trial Facilities
For customers wishing to see a demonstration of a KREYENBORG screen changer in the KREYENBORG trial facility in Muenster, Germany, please contact UK agents Regis Machinery here