Mixaco Mixers

Mixaco Container Mixer

Mixaco introduced the Container mixer technology to the plastics industry and have over 40 years experience.
The MIXACO Container mixer is extremely flexible and offers a gross volume of 6 to 4000 liters, depending upon model. With its numerous individual tool possibilities, any desired mixing result can be obtained. The container mixers are typically used for (cold or hot) premixing of polymers with pigments and additives for the application

  • Masterbatch
  • Polymer compounds
  • Powder coatings
  • Pre-mixing a wide range of powders/granules
  • Separate mixing containers can be utilized for different products ensuring reduced cleaning time and rapid changing of the formulation.
  • From charging to discharging the container ensures an easy handling.
Speedy Mixer

Speedy mixer

Speedy mixer – this is an excellent, highly flexible product for powder and granules mixing and is ideally suited for trial development and small-scale production (10-30 kg). It is competitively priced and ready-stocked for immediate dispatch. Uniquely, the mixing process is contained within a polythene liner this creates a clean mixing environment enabling rapid colour change.
The unit is available for a 3 Week Feasibility trial (Contact us for full terms & conditions)

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