Mixers, silos, dryers

Regis also offer a range of specialist ancillary equipment for handling materials such as film flakes, fibres and powders. The range of ancillaries includes

  • Mixers (fountain blenders)
  • Special Film Flake and fibre silos
  • Infra Red dryers

Universal quick mixer – principal of operation

KREYENBORG mixers are used in a variety of applications where pellets, flakes or powders have to be mixed quickly.

The product is fed into the mixing bin either by means of a filling device at the top, or by the optional lower feed hopper.

At the bottom of the mixing bin material is captured by the centrally-arranged mixing screw and is conveyed upwards through the mixing tube. At the top of the screw an ejector throws the material down, spreading it in fine layers over the full section of the mixing bin.

The mixer screw is driven from the top by means of a geared motor. In case of height problems, it is also possible to install a three phase motor to the side of the mixer and drive with a v-belt. Mixing is achieved by the transport screw, by the above-mentioned spread over the entire area and by the material’s uneven flow within the cone.

After mixing the load can be discharged via one or several outlet pipes. It is also possible to pneumatically convey the product via a tube. Since the material is being intensively and continuously mixed while loading, blending is complete by the time the mixer reaches it’s fill level.


Special film flake and fibre silos

Materials such as film flakes or fibres can be difficult to handle in conventional storage silos, because they tend to be very lightweight, bridge and are difficult to discharge. KREYENBORG have considerable experience producing silos to store and discharge these difficult materials. KREYENBORG film flake silos have 3 agitating screws to keep the material moving within the silo, therefore ensuring that it can be easily discharged by a conveying screw to the extrusion line.


Infrared dryers

Infra red dryers from KREYENBORG offer the possibility to rapidly dry plastic materials. They are often used in PET applications to dry a blend of PET sheet flakes and virgin pellets. It is possible with the innovative IRD (Infra Red Dryer) technology to crystallize and dry PET material in less than 12 minutes.