Control Systems

About BSG Control Systems

BSG Controls (Bruckmann Steurgungstechnik GmbH) are a control system company focusing their efforts solely on the development and realization of control systems for the extrusion, compounding and polymerisation industries. With a dedicated team of 40 highly skilled employees. BSG Controls have delivered more than 100 complete extrusion line control systems that are used in continuous production in polymer and compounding plants world- wide.

BSG OneThe BSG ONE operator interface provides an extremely easy to use SIEMENS S7 plc based control system to enable a modern and efficient control of your new or existing compounding/extrusion line.
The software interface is designed as a modular concept enabling you to select as much control of the line as your specific line requires.

The BSG ONE control is powerful enough to control a complete compounding plant including Bulk raw material silos, and centralized conveying system through to complex loss-in- weight feed systems, extruders, ancillaries etc. As the system is configured to suit your particular compounding line you can select the units of the line that can be operated from the SINGLE operator panel of the BSG ONE control system.