Equipment for polymerisation

Regis Machinery have considerable experience in the provision of filtration and pelletizing equipment for virgin polymerisation plants.

Screen Changers as replacements for candle filters

Screen changer technology is rapidly becoming established as a highly effective and operator friendly method of filtration in Virgin polymer plants – for example in continuous production of polyester, screen changers offer a number of significant advantages. KREYENBORG screen changers are utilised all over the world for the continuous filtration of polymer melts. The screens can be quickly exchanged without the need for any specialist tools, these woven wire screen packs are inexpensive and can be disposed of once they have become blinded by contaminants.

Underwater Pelletizers for Polymerisation plants

The completely automatic, die face, underwater pelletizer system from BKG is used for efficient pelletizing of a wide variety of polymers including PET, PBT, PA, PS and PP. We offer pelletizers for a wide range of plant capacities complete with water and drying systems tailored to the specific needs of the particular polymer plant.

BKG also have a patented in-line crystallization process CRYSTALLCUT.

This has generated a great deal of interest, in the Global Polyester production industry, as it utilises the latent heat inherent within the polyester melt coming from the finisher. This heat is used to crystallize the polyester chips within the pelletizing process meaning that the pellets can be conveyed directly from the pelletizing process to the SSP (solid state polymerizer).