Underwater Pelletizers

BKG Underwater Pelletizers feature automated hydraulic blade adjustment to ensure consistent quality pellet production.


The BKG Underwater pelletizer system has been extremely successful since launch – the first with completely automated hydraulic blade adjustment – ensuring consistent pellet production. Ideal for compounders, masterbatch producers and polymerization applications.

The system combines many features AS STANDARD, such as plc control, quick exchange die plate and hard wearing materials of construction to guarantee a long life. The BKG underwater pelletizer system consists of an underwater pelletizer, a water and drying system and a complete control system (which can be offered to control the complete extrusion line)

Thanks to our innovative die plate technology, the system can process not only standard plastics such as PE, PP, EVA and ABS, but also high temperature polymers such as PA6, PA6.6, PET and PBT.