Witte Gear pumps


Metering and transfer of basic chemicals

We offer the WITTE CHEM pump for metering, transfer, and as a pressure boosting pump for low or high viscosity fluids. Parts can be selected to counteract abrasion and conform to varying material properties of the pumped media.
These pumps are manufactured from a range of stainless steels, alloys ceramic etc.


Pumping toxic or combustable media

Pumps with traditional shaft seals cannot be used for toxic or combustible media or processes with high system pressures (up to 700 bars). For these applications we offer the WITTE seal- less pumps with a synchronized magnetic coupling. Capacities up to 32000 cc/rev have been supplied.


Polymer extraction pumps

We also offer complete range of polymer extraction pumps and spare parts for reactor discharge pumps.
A typical project for our Polymer Extraction Pumps is the reactor discharge from a continuous polycondensation vessel for manufacturing PET.