Sheet Die Nordson

Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries – systems have been installed for every flat-die extrusion and converting technique:

Cast film
Our proprietary manifold designs and gauge profiling systems provide tight control over material consumption, increase product consistency, and prevent defects and roll distortions. Specially designed dual-chamber vacuum boxes ensure stable, uniform roll development.
Oriented film
Lip-adjusting technology developed for this application ensures critical gauge control for the downstream tentering process.
We build dies for applications that range from stress-free optical sheet to thick, heavy-duty products, and from narrow strips to multi-meterwide geomembranes. Rapid width and thickness adjustment features provide production versatility for custom processors.
Extrusion coating
Dies are available with edge profile control, full internal/external deckling, and motorized deckles
that permit fast adaptation to changes in web width.
Fluid coating
Inherently more productive than roll coaters, our slot die coating heads can be configured with internal deckling and automated thickness control.